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By Etsuko Ueda 

I was born and grew up in post war Japan under American occupation. I had no doubt that all my ancestors have lived in Japan ever since people started to live in the area, but it was far less clear what that should mean to me. Less clear yet was where Japan was heading. Perhaps, that was one of the reasons I moved to America in my late 20's, to see the world from a different perspective.

Living in multiracial America, I noticed my feeling toward racial/ethnic identity became stronger, and I could not help but noticing that the strong identification with one's racial background is the norm in America. There is no denying that the main dividing line is the white / non-white distinction. "Aryans" in the subtitle reflects my understanding that they are the root of the white race. The word "Mongols" on the other hand has been synonymous with the race that ruled Asia,  the champion of non-whites that challenged the whites time to time like the Mongol Empire and the Japanese Empire. Also, as a woman, I cannot ignore the deep divide that exists between the two sexes. The subtitle "Aryans to the West, Mongols to the East, and the Future is in Women's hands" indicates my intention to write this blog from that perspectives.  


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